Thursday, 29 March 2007

Reasons to Run, Al

Firedoglake lists the reasons that Al Gore should run for President, starting with:

  1. Image Is Everything. In 2000, most people thought of you as the class nerd, or maybe just Bill's sidekick. Now, in 2007, you're a rock star. You've made wry appearances on Saturday Night Live, and spoken out eloquently and powerfully, not just about the environment, but about the corrosive amorality of the Bush administration and the Republican party in general. Your passion is infectious, and your campaign would energize and inspire people in ways it never could in 2000.
And it finishes with the plea

One other teensy weensy little request: Please select a different running mate and campaign manager this time.
He has a real presence this year. It was a major mistake to distance himself from Bill Clinton in 2000, whatever problems Clinton had at the time. What a difference the world would have seen if Gore had run a half-effective campaign then.

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