Friday, 16 March 2007

Norwich Supporters' 'Remarkable Loyalty'

Well, we've had nothing to shout about for the last two disappointing seasons, but the fans are turning out in huge numbers to renew their season tickets again when other clubs are struggling to fill stadia.

Why is this? There are several reasons and you need to go back to the dark days of the Robert Chase era. It was a time when the fans were being disenfranchised and alienated by the club. No information, or misinformation were the order of the day. Players were sold to stave of foreclosure by the bank and the club was on the brink. After a life-saving loan by the club President, Geoffrey Watling, in stepped Delia Smith and her husband Michael Wyn Jones. Putting in their own money to provide financial stability was only part of it. Giving the club back to the people has been the major factor - supporter representation, open forums, club roadshows and community involvement are the order of the day.

The club has been transformed in the last ten years and is regularly described as one of the most welcoming in the country. The club has just won two national Football League awards for best club marketing and community involvement.

The club has placed its trust in its supporters and have been rewarded with full houses for the last few seasons and, by the look of it, for the next few as well.

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