Saturday, 31 March 2007

Daily Show and Norwich City

I never thought I would see the two linked. But on the Daily Show, Jon Stewart, while discussing the Iran hostage drama, or 'Iranian Hostage Drama, The Next Generation', talks about how unwise it is to rile Great Britain.

"But don't let their effete affected pronunciation throw you off. You don't think they're gonna get pissed off and strike back?

"This is what they did when Ipswich Town scored the equaliser on Norwich City. That's not even in the Premier League."

Obviously, it's not footage of an Ipswich-Norwich game, the Ipswich fans were too well dressed (lol)! But there was a guy in a green and yellow hat.

The other interesting point was Stewart's pronunciation of Norwich, or Nor-witch as opposed to the usual 'Norrich'. It brought to mind a story that Bill Bryson told about Norwich in Vermont. A generation ago, the city's name was pronounced the same as the English one, but an influx of new residents from outside the area gradually turned the pronunciation to Nor-witch.

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