Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Howard's Campaign Backfires

John Howard's cynical and purely political campaign against Kevin Rudd has backfired. The new Justice Minister, David Johnston, has shares in two companies who have employed the disgraced WA lobbyist Brian Burke and, obviously, any contact with him, however innocent, is unacceptable as Ian Campbell, the former Human Services Minister found to his cost.

Within hours of the appointment of WA Senator David Johnston as Justice Minister, it emerged that he had shares in two mining companies — Murchison Metals and Croesus Mining — which have employed Mr Burke as a lobbyist.

WA's Crime and Corruption Commission is investigating the lobbying activities of Mr Burke and his business partner Julian Grill, including their work for the two mining companies in which Senator Johnston has shares.

Despite grilling Senator Johnston on his WA connections, Mr Howard was unaware of the share link with Mr Burke until after he made the appointment.

How the wheel turns!

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