Sunday, 11 March 2007

Alberto on borrowed time?

Is Alberto Gonzales, the Attorney General, on borrowed time?

On appointment, he swore an oath to uphold the constitution and moved from working for the Executive Branch to representing the people. However, nothing seems to have changed and he has consistently treated Congress with contempt, never more so than when he tried to insist that the fact that Habeus Corpus could not be suspended didn't mean that it had to apply to everyone.

With the political sackings of the 8 US State attorneys, he may have taken a step too far. As a NY Times editorial writes:

First, there was Mr. Gonzales’s lame op-ed article in USA Today trying to defend the obviously politically motivated firing of eight United States attorneys, which he dismissed as an “overblown personnel matter.” Then his inspector general exposed the way the Federal Bureau of Investigation has been abusing yet another unnecessary new power that Mr. Gonzales helped wring out of the Republican-dominated Congress in the name of fighting terrorism.
Will this be a bridge (or bridges) too far?

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