Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Why Do We Have To Rely On The Comedy Channel For News?

I've been flicking round the cable channels here for the last couple of days and the all the talking heads are asking about 'elitism'.

Why is it that the only serious look at the issue is on the Comedy Channel?

Well done (again) Jon Stewart.

Classic Hip

Some classic Canadian rock from The Tagically Hip.

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

A Clinton presidency - Part 2

An excellent article by Carl Bernstein (of All the President's Men fame) on what a Hillary presidency would bring.

And endless psychodrama: the essential Clintonian experience that mesmerizes the press, confuses the citizenry, confounds members of both parties in Congress (not to mention the Clintons themselves, at times) and pretty much keeps the rest of the world constantly amused and fixated.

Such a picture of Clinton Redux is, by definition, speculation. But it is speculation based on the best evidence at hand: the demonstrable and familiar record of Hillary and Bill Clinton coupled together in Permanent Campaign-mode for a generation, waging a continuous fight on the national political stage since 1992, an unceasing campaign for the White House, for redemption, for their ideas (sometimes) and for themselves (almost always), especially in 2008.

I really can't see it happening. If she did somehow win the Primary, how on Earth would she convince any Independents and enough disillusioned Democrats to vote for her against John McCain?

It's well worth a read.