Sunday, 25 March 2007

Lie And (Don't) Pay Later

Have you noticed an interview technique employed by politicians where, if the interviewer makes a statement or asks a question that is contrary to their position they will just flat out lie. The interviewer is put in the position of contradicting a politician (or trying to) when that are almost sure they are right but not confident enough to correct them.

It used to be enough to change the subject, or answer a completely different question, but occasionally, they'll just lie. A prime example of this was the visit of John Bolton to Jon Stewart's Daily Show. Now full credit to John Bolton for going on the show, but when they were discussing having different points of view in government, Jon Stewart raised the subject of Abraham Lincoln, who had invited opponents into his administration. John Bolton, because he had been making the point that George W Bush should be surrounding himself with like-minded people, told Jon Stewart that he was historically wrong.

Jon Stewart was obviously not 100% sure of his facts to contradict so had to carry on with his point negated (He did get back the next day, but most journalists don't follow up). I've seen and heard other examples of this but can't remember the subjects. I'm going to keep an eye out for these and report them when I find them.

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