Tuesday, 27 March 2007

DoJ Aide Refuses to Testify

Is this the Monica Goodling in question? Seems likely, an alumna of a Regent University - Christian Leadership to Change the World!

Monica Goodling, an aide to Alberto Gonzales, has refused to testify before Congress in case she incriminates herself. Obviously, she believes that something illegal has been going on.

In the letter, Ms. Goodling’s lawyer, John M. Dowd, questioned the fairness of the panel and cited the possibility that she might be a witness in a criminal inquiry, although there is currently no known criminal investigation into the dismissals.

A Justice Department official said that senior agency officials were “concerned” about Ms. Goodling’s refusal to testify because “we had agreed to make Department of Justice officials available to the committee.” The official said Ms. Goodling, who is on leave, had not obtained advance approval for her decision.

Andrew Sullivan has received a very valid response to the refusal.
The solution is therefore to offer her immunity from prosecution for any actions her testimony might disclose, and then compel that testimony through subpoena. This is fair, because even if she could be found participating in a conspiracy to mislead Congress, what we already know of the situation makes it extremely unlikely that she was the originator of any such conspiracy. It is also effective, because while it would immunize her from jeopardy for anything she has done already, it would NOT immunize her from perjury charges should she fail, now, to tell the truth. And she is likely to have knowledge of some pretty central truths.
And she is on indefinite leave, what is that for? Is it just to keep her out of the limelight for a while.

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