Monday, 26 March 2007

Can Gonzales Look Any Less Credible?

So, it turns out that far from not knowing what his subordinates were doing at the DoJ, Alberto Gonzales was actually at a meeting on Nov 27th to discuss firing a group of US Attorneys.

We've seen it over and over again and we saw it Friday night, when the Justice Department tried (but clearly failed) to whisper to the rest of the world the news that Alberto Gonzales was more closely involved in the firing last December of eight U.S. Attorneys than he told us he was last week. If the Attorney General's reputation and status were shaky before this latest revelation, surely this morning they are downright dissolved. Why? Because now he is established in the court of public opinion if not yet in a court of law either to be a liar or a fool. Either he misled us all, via live television a la former President Clinton, when he told us two weeks ago that he wasn't involved in these sorts of conversations, Or he wasn't sharp enough to remember his presence and role at this meeting and comprehend the notion that,eventually, this information would tumble into the public realm.
With absolutely no credibility left, why is he hanging on? Does he think this is going to go away if he covers his ears?

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