Friday, 7 March 2008

Hillary Clinton (R)

What is Hillary Clinton doing? What is the logic behind preferring the Republican nominee over your Democratic opponent?

Is it that if she can't win it, she doesn't want Obama to get it either? Unbelievable.

There's a very entertaining and very long thread on Balloon Juice on this.


Andrew Says:

Olbermann, paraphrased: “Doesn’t this first lady business mean that Laura Bush has almost as much foreign policy experience as Hillary?”

Blue Neponset Says:

Hillary “Dubya” Clinton strikes again. As much as John McCain is wrong about everything he ain’t George Bush. I will give the man credit for that. Hillary, OTOH, is looking more like Chimpy McFlightsuit every damn day. She would send a class of second graders to Gitmo if it served her purposes.

Singularity Says:

Hillary is just doing the math. As Veep in the administration of a 72-year-old, she stands a much better chance of ascending to the presidency than she does as Veep in the administration of a 47-year-old. And you just know Mark Penn has told her that McCain-Clinton ‘08 will roll over Obama-Anybody. I imagine this has at least been a topic of discussion at Burson-Marsteller.

and so on...

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