Sunday, 8 April 2007

What is going on at the Minnesota U.S. Attorney's Office?

Three senior attorneys at the Minnesota US Attorney's office have resigned their management positions to return to prosecuting cases rather than managing other prosecutors.

The message was succinct, one source told the Pioneer Press: " 'They did it jointly because they couldn't stand [U.S. Attorney Rachel Paulose] anymore,' the source said, citing what had been described as her 'dictatorial management style and general lack of management experience.' "

Paulose's thin résumé has raised eyebrows since her appointment a year ago. At the tender age of 34, she appears to have powerful political connections but little in the way of powerful prosecutorial experience.

As the editorial points out, the position of US Attorney is a political appointment but on condition that they leave their politics at the door and that they be competent.

In Rachel Paulose's case, the latter is in question and the former must be in doubt being an appointee of this administration and of Karl Rove. Minnesota will be one of the important swing states at the next presidential election and I imagine one of her priorities will be the mythical 'voter fraud', i.e. the disenfranchisement of Democrat voters.

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