Saturday, 30 August 2008

It Really Isn't The Republicans' Year

After the perfect weather than Obama enjoyed for his historic speech on Thursday, a balmy 70 degrees evening, the republicans and their convention are facing the prospect of a major hurricane slamming into the Gulf Coast, and possibly New Orleans again, early next week. It would truly be ironic it the hurricane hit land just as W was about to speak.

From watching the news this morning it looks as if NO is much better prepared this time. Although the population is much smaller now, fleets of buses are already in place, the National Guard has been deployed and trains are ready to move the old and sick. Let's hope there's no repeat of three years ago. To keep up to date, I'd recommend Brendon Loy's Weather Nerd Blog.
Meanwhile, who's going to be watching a convention with a hurricane on the way?

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