Friday, 22 August 2008

Disappointment No 1

How is the US election even close? I'm trying not to be too disappointed with the news that John McCain has caught up with Obama in the polls. I have a lot of faith in the Obama organisation who planned the primary competition perfectly.

I've read that a lot of Obama's effort is currently going into the 'ground game', setting up and staffing dozens of offices in key states. The effect of these won't really be seen until nearer to November. I think he's been a bit slow in fighting the effects of the McCain-Rove campaign but I don't believe that that is going to last. The election in November is what counts, not the state of the polls now.

With McCain's lack of policies and his need to please two completely different audiences, his base and independent voters, I can't believe the wheels aren't going to come off soon.

After eight years of one of the worst presidents in US history, I can't believe that four more years is a possibility. So I'll predict that Obama will win in November, I think quite comfortably. So it doesn't matter what the polls are saying now.....does it?

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