Saturday, 16 July 2011

The Greatest Night at Carrow Road Ever?

Well, I think it was for me.

The first leg at Portman Road was a bit of a nightmare. I'd organised a job interview in the city for 1 o'clock on the basis that Norwich were due to play a home game that day. Attend the interview, the plan was, have a pint at the Ferryman on King Street on the way to Carrow Road for the match. For some reason, the powers-that-be switched the Milk Cup Semi-Final first leg to that Saturday so I had the interview and then dashed down the A140 to the game (funnily enough one of my planned interviewers wasn't there - he'd gone to Ipswich!).

We got into the ground with about five minutes of the game played - just in time to see Ipswich score. The rest of the match was backs-to-the-wall football and how the game finished at only 1-0 I'll never understand.

So back to Carrow Road two weeks later for the second leg. I'd heard on the radio that day that we hadn't beaten Ipswich by two clears goals for years. I remember I was sitting in the South Stand for the game and it was a pretty full-blooded affair. John Deehan scored a deflected goal in the first half but the second goal wouldn't come.

In the 87th minute, Mark Barham took a corner from what is now the Snakepit corner. The Norwich players in the box all ran to the near post and Steve Bruce from the edge of the box, ran in and headed the winning goal into the net. The place went mad. I fell over my seat into the row behind onto the laps of some stony-faced Ipswich fans.

I got home about 3 in the morning.....

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Andy Ruddock said...

Great memories! Could have done without the reminder of Eric Gates in his short shorts though. I particularly remember him going out of his way to wind the city fans up in the first leg.